Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are crucial parts of your home that make a massive impact on the outside appearance. We are committed to providing homeowners with fascias and soffits installation, repairs, replacement, cladding, roof lanterns, and more.

We want you to be able to protect your investment in your property by taking care of these crucial features now instead of waiting until they become an issue. We have been serving Selby for decades!



Fascia & Soffits

Fascias and soffits

Fascias and soffits are two different names for the same thing. These are small strips of material that cover ridge tiles on your roof, between gables and parapets. They can also be found along eaves to make a transition point from the front of your house to the back. We use materials like wood or aluminum to create fascias and soffits that will last you many years while maintaining both durability and value.

Benefits of fascias and soffits

There are several benefits behind why these features are essential parts of any home- including added curb appeal, weather protection, energy efficiency, noise control, ventilation improvement, among others!

Fascias and soffits services

Fascias and soffits installation

Every roof needs fascias and soffits! We offer fascias and soffit installation services to help make your home look better than ever. We use high-quality materials like wood or aluminum to create fascias that will last you many years while maintaining both durability and value

Fascias and soffits replacement

Over time, the protection offered by your roof’s fascia may start wearing away. We can provide replacements for damaged fascia boards through our durable metal products (like aluminum) which can stand up against weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind, sun, etc.

Fascias and soffits repairs

We are the ones to call when you need repairs for your fascias and soffits. Whether it’s replacing a few boards or repairing significant damage, we can help with both minor and vital issues that may occur to preserve your home’s exterior

Other services related to fascias and soffits

Velux ® Windows

We offer Velux ® window installation services which allow natural light to enter into rooms without compromising energy efficiency

Barge boards

Increase the beauty of your home by updating to new barge boards. We provide outstanding barge board services throughout Selby.

Roof Lanterns

We have years of experience installing roof lanterns in Selby. We offer top quality products from industry-leading manufacturers, including Hudson Reed™, whose stylish modern designs will enhance any room they grace


Cladding is a quick and cost-effective way of improving the appearance of your home. We provide cladding installation for our clients looking to enhance the appearance of their homes

Frequently asked questions

What are the signs of bad fascias and soffits?

If you notice excessive moisture around exterior corners, this may be due to rotting or mildew on your soffit panels which can cause damage over time if not repaired immediately.

What are ways to protect soffits and fascias?

There are several procedures for protecting these areas, including sealing joints with an acrylic-based sealant free from harmful chemicals—so they won’t dry out or crack over time.

What happens if you don’t repair your soffits and fascias?

If not repaired, there is a high risk of damage that will require extensive work to correct. Unlike other materials, which we can easily replace without much trouble or cost, repairing wood soffit panels is expensive since it requires cutting away the damaged material before replacing it with new boards.

Replacing these boards may also mean removing shingles or roof tiles to get to them—which means additional labor costs besides the price of buying replacement products for installation. It takes experience and expertise from our team at Smith & Sons Roofing Contractors, knowing how each material functions best under certain conditions–and when to use them.